The Festival of the Imagination Progress Report January 1992 p15

I think this is the last page of this progress report that needs transcribing, so I’m going to do at least part of it so we can cross it off. Page 15 is an ad for a thing called ORION. A brief google does not turn up any sign of its actual existence, but it’s an interesting look at what was being attempted at the time.

A new venture from a desktop publisher, realising a life-long interest in science fiction and fantasy…

Published quarterly, or as material permits, ORION is planned as a high-quality illustrated book of around 150pp: large format, with computer graphics, half tone art, compacted type, book-bound in astonishing covers. A lot of reading for your dollar!

The first volume is complete but we are very interested in seeing your work for future issues. […] ORION is semi-pro, with a combination of cash-reimbursement for one-time rights for brief material, and payment in one or more copies for longer pieces.

In the premier issue is a fine collection of fiction:

blah blah blah

The pricetag of ORION will be in the region of $17.95, but please send no money now. A SASE will enter you to the mailing list. We hope to publish in June 1992, and in April/May will be seeking firm reservations or subscriptions before we go to press. […]


JJ Adamson/Editor, PO Box XXX   Brighton   SA   5XXX

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