SwanCon 17: Progress Report July 1991, p19

page 19 of the Swancon 17 July 1991 progress report has two text sections, being ‘Education Seminar: Science Fiction in Education’ and ‘The Short Story Competition’. As ever, all typos faithfully reproduced, including the completely bewildering dating system in use for the summary of the either upcoming or post-dated Education Seminar.

Education Seminar

Science Fiction in Education

Seminar 1992

The Festival organisers are currently engaged in the planning of a Seminar on Teaching Science Fiction and Fantasy, aimed specifically at professional educators. It’s our intention to hold a one-day seminar on December 4th 1990 at the Ascot Inn (the best venue we’ve come across in WA). It will comprise a series of presentations, discussions and lectures coordinated by professional educators and will be open to the general teaching community. The organisers will be commissioning professionals to produce Teachers’ Notes and other relevant literature for use by the Seminar attendees. This material will be published and presented in as professional a manner as possible, allowing it to be used by the attending teachers on return to the classroom, and will comprise a very important part of the event itself.

Advertising of the Seminar will take place in Ministry of Education publications and we’ll probably also advertise by some form of direct mailing to the target audience. It should be noted that the Seminar will be funded and run as an event totally separate from the SwanCon 17 component of the Festival, and is likely to provide extra funds for the Con itself. Due to the fact that the event is still in the planning stage, all of the above information is subject to change. For further information on the Seminar, contact Richard Scriven or Mark Bivens

The Short Story Competition

The short story competition traditionally associated with SwanCon may be run slightly differently next year. As a separate Festival Event, it is hoped that the competition will be run as a State-Wide Competition through the Secondary School system (much like the Young Writers’ Competition). It’s envisaged that entries will be divided into two divisions (Secondary – for High School Students of years 8 through 10 – and Open – for all persons from year 11 upwards, including University Students and people no longer in the eco nation system) or perhaps three (separating the year 11 and 12 students from the others in the Open Category), with prizes being awarded in each. Commercial sponsorship or grant funding be sought, to provide money for advertising, administration and prizes.

Details are yet to be resolved, except the Open Division, which is currently accepting entries:

Genre Fiction up to 8,000 words, any subject. Post to the Festival Address.

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