Borderlands: The world within – A5 flyers

In our collection of Borderlands (short running WA small con) ephemera, we have two versions of an A5, double-sided flyer. The earlier version is bright blue, the later custard yellow. Identification of timing is that one lists an ‘early bird’ price, while the other does not. There are some other small variations, which will be noted later…

The front page is very sparse, laid out landscape. At the top left, the names of the three guests (Chris Lawson, Jeremy Byrne, Tess Williams) are highlighted. Title of the convention runs across about 2/3 of the way down, superimposed on the logo, which is a very simple planetary shadow. In the original flyer, this just says “Borderlands” and “The World Within”, while in the second version the url ‘’ has been added. At the lower right, the date and location are included – November 24-25, 2001; Emerald Hotel, Perth

The back side is much more detailed:


…is the coolest, funkiest new speculative fiction convention to hit Perth in years! To be held in the intimate setting of the Emerald Hotel, Borderlands will approach speculative fiction from a new perspective: “The World Within”. Genetics, immunology, psychology, nanotechnology and bionics: the aim is to approach this topic from as many angles as possible.

Speculative fiction has always echoed and reflected the fears and contemporary concerns of society. Borderlands aims to explore and enjoy the cutting edge, and to look towards the sf of the future.

Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson is an award winning short story writer who made his mark on international science fiction with such stories as “Unborn Again” and “Written in Blood”. His stores have been reprinted in such diverse publications as Year’s Best Science Fiction (ed. G. Dozois), Year’s Best SF (ed. DG Hartwell), and Centaurus: The Best of Australian SF (ed. DG Hartwell and D. Broderick).

Jeremy Byrne

Jeremy Byrne will be familiar to many people as a founding editor of the stylish and long-lived semi-prozine Eidolon. The recipient of five Ditmar awards, Eidolon has launched the careers of some of Australia’s best science fiction authors.

He has worked as an editor and publisher for a string of critically acclaimed sf works, including Storm Constantine’s The Thorn Boy, Howard Waldrop’s Going Home Again and Terry Dowling’s Blackwater Days.

In 1997 and 1998 Jeremy co-edited two volumes of The Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy with Jonathan Strahan for HarperCollins.

Tess Williams

Tess Williams is the author of the novels Map of Power and Sea as Mirror, which was shortlisted for the James Tiptree. Jr. award. Her short stories have appeared in several publications, including Dreaming Down Under (ed. J. Dann & J. Webb) and Magic Mystery Voodoo and the Holy Grail.

She is co-editor with Helen Merrick of the acclaimed anthology Women of Other Worlds, which was awarded the prestigious William Atheling Jr. award for sf criticism and review.

Wanted: Contributors

Would you, could you, talk for 5 to 10 minutes about “The World Within”? Would you and three others like to present a panel? Or run a discussion? What about an artwork, a performance, a piece of critical writing? We are looking for contributors and volunteers to make this convention something special.


Earlybird rate (before 16/4/2001) $45
Standard rate $55
Discount rate $45

[transcriber’s note: the later version only has the second and third rows, with the following information:

Memberships have been capped at 130 people so buy early! Cheques can be made out to ‘WASFF – Borderlands’ and set to the address below.

Committee Contacts

In the earlier version, phone numbers and presumably defunct email addresses are given for Anna, Simon, and Grant [for those playing along, that would be Hepworth, Oxwell, and Watson], as well as a postal address that hasn’t been valid for almost exactly 10 years and one month as of writing this post. In the later version, the first three rows are phone numbers for the same three individuals, then three rows labelled ‘Postal’, ‘E-Mail’ and ‘Web’. The email address is now a dedicated-to-the convention ‘’, and the website [now someone’s blog on a completely different topic – checking the WayBack Machine finds nothing].

Borderlands is an approved project of the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation.

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