Swancon XII – Programme Book – Art

Transcribed by Chris Creagh

Convention theme – Breakthroughs
Airway Hotel
27th Feb – 2nd March 1987

The front cover art is a sketch, possibly by Karl Allen, of a man thrown backwards through a plate glass window.

Continuing through the booklet (sheets of A4 stapled) looking for art, we find inside the front cover, the bid for the National Convention in Perth in 1989. A black swan encased in a space suit with air canisters, radio communications back-pack and bellows joints.

Page 11 is a promotional page for The 4th National – S.C.O.T. – Doctor Who Convention (WHOCON 4) and has relevant artwork consisting of a Dalek, Cyberman and the fuzzy haired 6th Dr. played by Colin Baker. WHOCON 4 was a three day celebration of 24 years of a time lord. Beginning on the 8th of January 1988 with “The Time Lords’ Ball” was held in the Pagoda ballroom, Como and cost $10.The convention itself was held at UWA and cost $15 for both days.

On to page 12 and there is our long haired, buxom, chain-mail bikini clad, warrior princess advertising UniGames. In the background (left) a WW1 British bi-plane and Spitfire can be found as well as a foot soldier and tank. A dice pair are prominently placed in the middle of the frame with an ancient Greek soldier centre right and the view out of a space-craft windshield behind. The question posed was “Do you play any of these? Kingmaker, Bridge, Whist, Euchre, Diplomacy, Trivial Pursuit, Poker, Blackjack, Monopoly, Polyconomy, Ruenquest, Traveller, A.D. & D., Judge Dredd, Middle Earth, Panzer, Leader, Tactics, Squad Leader, Stratego, Chess, Soccer, Cricket, Handball, Football, Mahjong, Awful Green Things From Outer Space, Metamorphis Alpha, Bunnies and Burrows, Vector 3, Air Eaters etc., etc.

And on page 14…an info-ad about UNISFA’s Annual Con Terracon 666 with your friendly sunglassed, slingshot armed, hot-rod driving, earringed, Tasmanian devil. The signpost to Terracon is lying in the dust while the remaining sign points to Heaven. The place for the con? Wellington Mill, May 8 – 11 in 1987.

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