Swancon 12 Breakthroughs PR3

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge Four A4 sheets, stapled in one corner; printed on both sides but with the back of the third and fourth sheets blank, for 6 pages of content total. The “cover” says, in hand-written small-caps print around art of a man wearing a visor and uniform: W.A.’s Annual Science Fiction Convention SWANCON… Continue reading Swancon 12 Breakthroughs PR3

Swancon XII – Programme Book – Art

Transcribed by Chris Creagh Convention theme – Breakthroughs Airway Hotel 27th Feb – 2nd March 1987 The front cover art is a sketch, possibly by Karl Allen, of a man thrown backwards through a plate glass window. Continuing through the booklet (sheets of A4 stapled) looking for art, we find inside the front cover, the… Continue reading Swancon XII – Programme Book – Art