Swancon 12 Breakthroughs PR3

Transcribed by Doug Burbidge

Four A4 sheets, stapled in one corner; printed on both sides but with the back of the third and fourth sheets blank, for 6 pages of content total.

The “cover” says, in hand-written small-caps print around art of a man wearing a visor and uniform:

W.A.’s Annual Science Fiction Convention
is back for ’87



Venue: Airways Hotel
Date: Labour Day Long
Feb 28 – Mar 2

Enquiries: write to
Swancon 12
P.O. Box XXX
W.A. 6009

Pages 2 and 3 cover a variety of topics, printed by something that looks vaguely Mac-like. I’ll mention each topic, but only transcribe text for the more interesting ones. It opens by describing itself as “the third (but not final) progress report.”

Hotel Bookings
Day Managers

(seeking volunteers to man the desk)


It’s coming along very nicely thank you. Details are further along in the report. But quickly, it’s $20 per head and remember it’s B.Y.O. drinks of all kinds.

Cocktail Party
Commemorative Port

As was the case at Swancon XI we will be selling Swancon Commemorative Port at $8 per bottle. These were very popular at Swancon XI and I hear (I don’t drink) that they are excellent. See us in the Hucksters room.

Rail Baron Tournament
Short – Story Competition
Hucksters Tables

Page 4 has “Swancon XII Membership List 11/2/87”, listing 50 names; and “Suggested Programming Changes for Swancon XII”.

Page 5 has “SWANCON XII COMMITTEE”; “Membership Rates” (attending $25; supporting $10; day $5 for the Friday, $10 for other days); and a very terse “Membership Form” which asks for name, address and phone.

Page 6 is blank.

Page 7 includes “Banquet Menu and Booking Form” and ends:

And that is it for the moment. You’ll hear from me( and Stephen) again before the con. Remember: we’re here to help you and most of all to help you enjoy yourselves.

Bye, Gina. (“Gina” is handwritten.)

P.S. Don’t forget. Hotel bookings direct to the hotel now please. Oh and tell them you’re staying there for Swancon XII

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