Swancon XII — Committee At Large

From page 6 of the Swancon XII programme book. Transcribed by Doug Burbidge.


by David Attenbourough

David Simmons: Chairmanus Thingius.
Often to be found buried in the clutter of computers, books or characters. Rumoured to be currently doing 3 university courses, 4 Tafe courses, 2 full-time jobs, 7 part-time jobs yet still finds time to read, roleplay and go out at night. Noticably unflustered by committee panics, ready to try anything new and moves like Fred Astaire when music plays.

Gina Goddard Avis Secretarius.
Ex-Ratette turned Aardvarkus Acousticus. Gina is a colourful, sweet talking fan who is loved by all and sundry (Derek). Has a preoccupation of preceeding her sentences with … ” CLASS ?!!! ”
(Note: Teetotaller, so that old line won’t work.)

Matthew Clarkson: Treasurus Brokeius.
Easy to excite with words like computer, 4-wheel drive, chocolate, The Bill Cosby Show or Cindy. Generally found to be happy, rarely heard from, but can be identified by his black mop of hair, glasses, bushy eyebrows and manic grin.

Cindy Evans Rara Avis Programmis.
No sooner had the trauma of Swancon XI subsided (nay even before it began). Cindy opened her mouth once again to those distinctive words … ” I’ll do it !!! “. Rumour has it that these words cause Matthew’s toes to curl.
(Warning: the sight of buttons may excite Cindy into a frenzy.)

Mark Bivens: Hotel Liensis Stranieris.
Tall, with a shambling gait and notably rounded midriff. Commonly found in fast food halls and around coffee machines. Has been known to adopt camouflage a certain times of the year.
(Beware: this animal is used to a diet of Freud and Jung.)

Stephen Johnson: Wombatus Dyslexicus.
This strange creature can usually be found snuffling around typewriters and drum kits. it is rumoured that he plays drums for the Acoustic Aardvarks and from the sound of them this is probably true (have you ever tried holding drumsticks in your paws?).
( ” So this accounts for his paw typing !!! ” attributed to Mark Bivens.)

Special thanks:
Lise Summers, Gary Barber, Sue Leighton, Mark Lingane, hing-Wing Chung, Liz Bowyer, Dave Luckett, Sally Beasley, Derek Shellabear, John McDouall, Geraldine Jacobsen, Jay Plester, Mark Norman, Tim Richards, and all the others without whom putting together this convention would have been far more difficult, nay impossible.

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