SwanCon Twenty3: An Assortment

There is a surprising amount of gumph in the SwanCon 23 (or ‘Twenty3’) folder. There are six progress reports, although there should be at least seven – the numbers run 2 through 6, with a wrap up report [ah. nostalgia. There was a time, young whipper-snappers, where one of the inter-con tastes of fandom came through the mail, telling you about the con you had just attended/missed]. We would love to have a copy of the first one, if anyone has one lying around.

For those actually at the con, there was not one con book, but five:

  1. Readme.txt
  2. Guests
  3. Live Programme
  4. Video Programme
  5. Anime Programme

And assorted other items – Tin Duck nomination and voting forms (see here for the nominees and winners); an auction summary sheet with attached lot slips; an A5 advertising flyer for “Quiz Night: The sequel”; an A4, black and white advertising poster (there are probably A3 versions in That File Under The Bed); a hand written list of Tin Duck categories with associated names, possible the names of those who presented the awards?; and an initial post-con financial report with oddly finicky details.

There should also be a copy of the associated fundraising book, “Twenty3: A Miscellany”;  it will have to be added later. This book was produced in lieu of a con book. 

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