Where are they now – George Turner Shortlist, 1999

by Doug Burbidge

Continuing the theme, here’s a roundup of what the web knows about the 1999 George Turner shortlist authors.

Maxine McArthur won in 1999. Her winning novel was duly published in that year; and a second and third in 2002 and 2004 (the second was a sequel to the first; the third was a standalone) and some short stories. She has her own web site but it has not been updated since about 2007.

Of Wendy A. J. Adnams-Hodges I can find no trace.

Adam Browne has a good-sized list of publications at Wikipedia; mostly short stories. He has an active blog at adambrowne.blogspot.com.au.

Sam Sejavka (who was Adam Browne’s co-author) seems to be more of a playwright and actor than a prose writer. His active blog is at sailsofoblivion.blogspot.com.au.

Hal Colebatch has a fabulous Wikipedia page, which you should read.

Narrelle Harris: see previous article. (Ha — less work for me!)

Dave Luckett is definitely still very active. There is a nice (and recent) interview with him at The Book Nut. He has published at least 21 books, the majority of which are for children, and three of which are children’s non-fiction. In 1998 he won an Aurealis Award for Fantasy, for A Dark Winter

Google finds at least one Christopher McDonough, but not, I think, the Christopher McDonough we’re looking for.

Joel Shepherd is also mentioned in the previous article and is also still active, with seven novels and a web site: www.joelshepherd.com

Andrés Vaccari has a blog at andresvaccari.net, which says that he has “published a few short stories and a novel, Robotomy (1997).”

Overall, three are doing very well, one is possibly still publishing, and there is less clarity on the rest.

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