Swancon 16, progress report 2: p2

Page 2 of the Swancon 16 progress report 2 is laid out in two column format, one for each of the articles below. At the bottom of the page is a set of icons–what is probably a Police badge/symbol, and four assorted human silhouettes– underscored with the words “Community Policing — Inglewood”. In particular, the details of the raffle are likely to amuse modern readers. Yes, all of those details are faithlessly transcribed.

From the chair.

As you see, Progress Report two has hit your doorstep.

Several people have contacted me asking what type of things will be going on at Swancon 16. Well, in a nutshell, heaps. The program has been purposely structured so that all tastes are catered for.

I will be running the Fan Program items which will include fan panels on any subject you wish. So drop me a line, and lets hear your idea. so that we can work on it so it’s ready for the con. Stephen Dedman will be doing the serious program items so contact him directly with your suggestions for panels and papers. Robin Pen and Mike Studte will be running the media strand. Once again, get in touch with them and tell them your idea.

I hope to get in contact with as many of the past fans as possible, particularly the ones that we haven’t seen in years, and have them come to the con. If you can help us contact any of them, please let us know.

I will be travelling to the States and Canada, leaving in July and coming back in early September. In my absence, I am appointing Tara Smith as the Deputy Chairthing.

Well, that’s about all I have to say. Remember, send in your ideas and we will be in contact with you.

Greg Turkich


SwanCon 16’s major fund- raising effort is the SwanCon Raffle. First Prize is an IBM compatible EETO Laptop Computer (80286) with 20 mb Hard Disk, 3.5@ (1.44mb) Floppy Disk Drive and sundry software including MSDOS, PC Tools, et., valued at $4190.00; 2nd Prize is a $200 book voucher from A Touch of Strange; 3rd Prize is a $50 book voucher from A Touch of Strange. 5000 $2.00 tickets were printed; we still have hundreds for sale, and we need your help to sell them. Please remember, the more fund-raising we do before the con, the more we can do for you, and the less we have to charge at the door.

The Lotteries Commission has granted us a four-week extension for drawing the raffle, to give us more time to sell tickets. The drawing is now scheduled for August 10th, 1990, and results will appear in The West Australian on August 14th.

If you have any SwanCon raffle books, please return them (with the money) to Tara Smith or Stephen Dedman by August 7th. If you haven’t, and you want to buy and/or sell some tickets, please contact Tara Smith, Stephen Dedman, or A Touch of Strange.

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