Brushstrokes #3

28 pages, being 7 sheets of double-sided A4, folded and staple-stitched.

Front cover: art of an astronaut floating in space next to a satellite. Text:



Back cover: blank except for text at the bottom of the page:

A Quick and Tacky Publication
for Syncon 92
Page 2: colophon and contents

Progress Report 3
June 1991

Edited by
Rod Kearins
Gerald Smith

Syncon 92 Committee
Rod Kearins
Gerald Smith
Karen Warnock
Margret Hilliard
Barb de la Hunty
Kevin Maclean
Blair Ramage

Brushstrokes is the magazine of the 31st Australian Science Fiction Convention, Syncon 92. Copyright for all contents is retained by the authors. Brushstrokes is available free to all members of Sycon 92. It is also available in exchange for artwork and contributions.
All correspondence for Brushstrokes should be addressed to

Syncon 92


General Information   4
Hotel and Accomodation [sic] information   7
Featured Artists   8
Programming   9
Ditmar Awards   12
Publications Listing   13
All Purpose Form   14
Fan Funds   17
Brushstrokes Competition   17
Convention Listings   19
Syncon 92 Competitions   23
Membership List   27

Page 3:


And welcome to the third issue of Brushstrokes, the Progress Report for Syncon 92, the National Science Fiction Convention, for 1992.

Well there is only nine months to go and believe me time does seem to fly. The convention itself is slowly pulling into shape. We have secured the Shore hotel as our convention site (more about that elsewhere in the PR), with what we consider to be very reasonable room rates. Convention programming is well on track, Competitions have begun, publications and advertising are all go, even the Ditmars are almost finished. Not surprisingly we are looking forward to a short break at Legends.

Speaking of the Ditmars this issue of Brushstrokes contains the first instalment in our promised listing of Books, Anthologies, short stories and other woks published in Australia in 1991. Obviously this listing is not complete, if you know of any works not listed please contact us at the convention address.

I think that’s all for me now, all I can close with is what I said last time, what we need is members, so get out there and spread the word to your friends, your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents and yes even your pets (cats, dogs, rocks, gestetners…. we’re not fussy), about Syncon 92, a convention not to be missed.

Rod Kearins
Chair Syncon 92

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