Brushstrokes #4/5 – The Chairman Quacks

Brushstrokes – Syncon92 PR no 4/5, December 1992. Transcription by Anna Hepworth, faithlessly reproducing the typographic quirks of the original document.

The Chairman Quacks….

Welcome to issue 4/5 of Brushstrokes the PR for Syncon 92 the …..

Hang I hear you say, Issue 4/5! What happened to issue 4? Why combine issues 4 and 5 together, I mean that wasn’t in the contract….

All legitimate concerns, and normally both issues 4 and 5 would have been published separately, however due to work and personal pressures, we overran the deadline for issue4 and with issue 5 rapidly approaching, decided to combine them together. If this causes problems for any of you, we apologise. Any way on with the show!!!

The convention itself is humming along nicely, although with christmas just around the corner, we will be all taking a short break, before leaping head first into the final preparations.

Just a few reminders to finish of with. Firstly, anybody who is planning to stay at the convention hotel, should remember that the convention rate of $95.00 is available only through the convention and that we require that all bookings be made before the end of March. A $95.00 deposit is required with each booking.

Secondly, a reminder about the Syncon 92 competitions. The art, photographic and animation competitions will be judged at the convention itself, and as such may be entered up until the friday of the convention, with judging being held on the saturday. Due to the nature of the short story competition, however, entries for this competition must be received by the end of february. For complete details please see the end of the PR where details of all competitions can be found.

Finally, a gentle reminder that the preregistration memberships rise to $80 from the 1st of January. The convention will accept any memberships postdated before the 3/1/92 at the $70.00 rate. So get in there and save your friends $10.00, by joining now!

See ya at the con

Rod Kearins

Chair Syncon 92

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