SwanCon 16 archive folder

Today, I have broached the folder containing SwanCon 16 archive items. Previously, Doug blogged about his SwanCon 16 badge (here), but other than that we haven’t made mention of this particular con.

So what do we find?

  • Program Leaflet – 8 panel folded to one visible on shiny white paper.
  • 3 progress reports (cunningly titled ‘Progress Report 1’, ‘Progress Report 2’, and ‘Progress Report 3’). Each of these is a A5 saddled stapled booklet on standard photocopy paper with a pretty piccy on the front along with the words “SWANCON 16: The 16th W.A. Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention” and the name of the progress report. [I’m intrigued by the ‘…and fantasy’. I’m not sure I’d ever really noticed that we used to be an ‘…and fantasy’ convention. If I could be bothered, I’d go back through the files and track what names were used when. But right now, I have SwanCon 16 files to think about].
  • A signed Con Book – signed to Tara, from Barbara Hambly. This is a beautiful light card  booklet (A4, saddle-stapled) where every internal page has an intricate wide border and distracting watermarks.
  • and “A Blast From the Past” – being exactly what it says on the tin – a Wrap Up Publication. Remember when we had those? When they tided us over from the end of the con to the first progress report of the next? No? Not nostalgic at all you say? Oh, all right then.

If there was a t-shirt, hopefully we have one in our (separate) t-shirt stash, but that is a post for another day.

Anna Hepworth

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