Swancon 16 Progress Report 1 – Covers and Miscellany

This post will cover the parts of this progress report that haven’t been covered yet, including the front and back covers. It is noted that this progress report didn’t actually have page numbers so some of the other posts may be a little confused as to which page they are, depending on whether they consider page 1 to be the front cover, or the first inner page.

The front cover page has the name of the convention, and a picture by Craig Hilton of a wizard sitting on a chair with various tin can cans, of a beer type impression around him, a floppy pointed wizard’s hat with stars and other celestial objects decorating it on his head. His hand is in a packet of Wizzo potato chips. A black swan coming up to his (seated) shoulder is looking at the chips with interest. The picture is captioned ‘WIZARD AND CHIPS’

The inner front page contains the details about location, prices etc. Suffice to say it was being held at the Freeway Hotel, South Perth. Theme was Fantasy and the Real Worlds. GoH: Barbara Hambly, FGoH Cindy Clarkson.

Committee: Chairman – Greg Turkich; Secretary – Stephen Dedman; Treasurer – Tara Smith; Hotel Liason – Julia Bateman (and various others too numerous to mention individually) [Ed. No, that’s what it said]

Membership Rates: Attending – $30.00; Supporting – $15.00; Child – $20.00 (until 30th April 1990)

Hucksters could get a table for $65 (professionals) or $35 (Fans who were con members) for the weekend. $15 per day.

Page 5 (depending on where you were counting from) the Bibliography of Barbara Hambly didn’t seem to make it in any of the other posts so I’m including it here. This is of course as of early 1990.

Barbara Hambly


DARWATH TRILOGY: The Time of the Dark (1982)
  The Walls of Air (1983)
  The Armies of Daylight (1984)
SUN WOLF AND STARHAWK: The Ladies of Mandrigyn (1985)
  The Witches of Wenshar (1987)
  The Dark Hand of Magic (1990)
THE DARKMAGE: The Silent Tower (1986)
  The Silicon Mage (1988)
Dragonsbane (1986)
Those Who Hunt the Night (1989)
(Vampire novel set in Edwardian London)


Ishmael (1985) (Original Star Trek novel)
Beauty and the Beast (1989) (Novelization of pilot episode)


Search the Seven Hills (1987)
(Published in hardcover in 1983 under the title The Quirinal Hill Affair)

All these books are currently in print from Ballantine/Del Rey with the exception of Ishmael, which is put out by Pocket Books, and Beauty and the Beast, which is published by Avon. A second novelization of Beauty and the Beast episodes is due out sometime in late 1990.

At the bottom of this page is another Craig Hilton drawing, titled ‘Rats of the Underworld’ with two rats balancing a book on a couple of tuna tins. The book is titled ‘101 ways with fish’.

Inner last page is an advertisement for a Publicity Officer for the SwanCon 18 NatCon.

The back cover contains the Membership list as of 27th March 1990, which including the GoH had 24 members entire, 3 of whom were at this point supporting memberships.

It also contains the Receipts and Expenditure Summary for SwanCon XV. Which I am not going to reproduce here. But I will note that the fund raising included, as well as the standard Quiz Night and Chocolates, a Lamb Spit and some NanoCons. And the cost of convention facilities was $2,353.55 (how things have changed).

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