SwanCon XV: More lies about swans and iron

Page 31 of the SwanCon XV Program Book has the running head of ‘Don’t worry, Get Stuffed is not eligible’. Partway down the page on the right is a line drawing of a bipedal figure in what can best be described as a cross between futuristic armour and a superhero costume; said figure has the head of Daffy Duck and is holding a raygun.

We intend to award WA’s own Ditmars again this year (they’ve not been awarded for quite some time), so it’s up to you to vote for your favourites in the three major categories. The fourth category, and not really a Tin Duck as such, will be Chairobject’s (read Coordinator’s for this Con) Choice. This year, the Tin Duck trophies themselves have been designed by Keira McKenzie. The categories and nominations received at the time of publication are as follows:

Best Fanzine:

To be eligible in this category, a fanzine must have been published at least once in the twelve months prior to the Con and be based in Western Australia. The nominations are:

Credo, the Fanzine of Visual SF
Inconsequential Parallax
Science Fiction

Best Fan Artist:

To be eligible in this category, an artist’s work must have appeared in a fanzine or fan-related publication published in Western Australia in the twelve months prior to the Con. The nominations are:

Craig Hilton
Jeremy Reston
Yvonne Hintz
Alicia Smith
Toby Gibson
Stephen Grant

Best Fan Writer:

To be eligible in this category, a writer must have seen print in fanzine or fan-related publication based in Western Australia during the twelve months prior to the Con. The category need not be limited to writers of fiction – talented reviewers and commentators are eligible. The nominations are:

John Richards
Stephen Dedman
L. Dunning
Carol Wood
Stewart Jackson
Yvonne Hintz
Liz Shaw
Robin Pen

Only members of the convention are eligible to nominate and vote for the Tin Ducks. Voting forms will be provided in the con grab-bags.

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