Swancon 16 Program Leaflet

Transcribed by Doug.

This is a gloss piece of paper, 4/3rds of A4 size, landscape, folded in four. When you see it in the folded position, it looks like an A4 sheet folded in thirds: the usual 210mm or so high, and 100mm or so wide. Then when you unfold it, there’s a fourth third.

The front panel says:

Swancon 16 (Ooh. Note lower-case “c”. Add that one to the tally.)
Program Leaflet

(tiny picture of a heart-shaped leaf)

A summary of the Program for those with small pockets and important things to do with their hands

The “inside front cover” is titled “Video program (tentative)”, covering Friday and Saturday. The next two panels are titled “The Main Program” (with the the second panel covering Friday and Saturday, and the third panel covering Sunday and Monday). There are three streams, Main Room, Fan Lounge and Other. The fourth panel is “Video program (tentative)” again, covering Sunday and Monday. In fact if you just open the very front cover both panels of the Video Program are visible. This then folds out to show the inner main program.

Overleaf we have “The Keen Spotter’s Guide to The Guest of Honour, with a a photo of Barbara Hambly and the text “As Ms Hambly’s photograph was unavailable for inclusion in the Program Book, we have decided to include it here.” Panel 2 is Policies (Weapons, Smoking, Children and Child Rates) (sadly three separate policies, not a “Weapons Smoking Children” policy), panel 3 is a colophon listing convention, date, venue, guests, and committee), and panel 4 takes us back to the “front cover”.

An interesting note is that the sheet of paper advertises Ansett (“Your official airline”). One side has a faint Ansett aircraft complete with tail logo stretched across the full width of the page, with the airline name and strapline printed boldly at the bottom right. The bottom part of the video program is forced to curve its text around the name and strapline.

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