Swancon 16 Progress Report 3 – Covers and Miscellany

Progress Report 3 was 4 A4 sheets of white paper, printed so that they could be folded in half and the A5 pages thus produced printed on. There was also a generic application form for convention membership and hotel booking.

The front cover had the convention name and progress report number and some artwork by Keira McKenzie which looks a bit like a Chinese style dragon, except with wings, semi-enclosed by a border of vaguely Celtic looking knotwork.

Inside first page had the usual essential information, dates, venue, room costs, guests and committee and of course membership rates and costs for advertising, and deadlines for the award nominations, short story competition, academic papers, and Star Fleet Battles custom fleets.

Memberships up to 30th November 1990 were Attending: $40, Supporting $20 and Child $20.
Memberships until 24th January 1991 were Attending: $50, Supporting $25 and Child $25.

Pages 7-8 were a reprint of Visions by Jean Weber which is a short essay on the works of Barbara Hambly and was originally published in Science Fiction #30 and used with permission. (Since we don’t know how to get permission right now, we will not be republishing it here.)

The bottom half of page 8 is a list of Barbara Hambly’s books and a note that they will be available for sale at the convention.

This completes our coverage of this progress report.

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