SwanCon 17 – Progress Report July 1991 – Preliminary Social Programme

The SwanCon 17 Progress Report (unnumbered; dated July 1991) devoted half of page 6 and all of page 7 to the Preliminary Social Programme. Other than some rather bog-standard clip-art of a cocktail (with olive-onna-stick) and what are presumably party streamers, this is rather conservatively laid out.

A Preliminary Social Programme

We intend to emphasise the opportunities for social interaction that a Con always provides, by programming specific social events to avoid conflicts with other items. Half the fun of attending a Con like this one is the chance to meet people and enjoy yourself with friends.

Cocktail Party

Once again, this ever-popular, informal get-together and relaxation will take place on the Friday evening of the Conference. This will be a “bottle party”, ie. people wishing to attend are asked to bring a bottle. The hotel has a bottle-shop attached, so you won’t have to go very far (or pay very much) for your drinks, and we’ll have semi-professional cocktail bartenders on hand to mix whatever takes your fancy.


This time we want costumes. With all that creative energy out there in fandomland, the recent trend towards “skits” at masquerades has been a little disappointing. Nick Stathopoulos, one of our guests, is a long-time masquerade costumer, and will be MC-ing this Con’s event. We hope that we may be able to run a short Costuming Workshop (involving special-effects style latex modelling) on the morning before the Masquerade, but we want people to start preparing now.The masquerade itself will be less formal, with judging being based on costume, not performance; you won’t even have to perform – just be there. More on this later.

Karaoke Singing

Filking with a difference. In line with the Japanese feel to the Video Stream, and because the Ascot Inn has the facilities in place, we’ll be running Karaoke Singing at SwanCon 17. Never heard of it? Well, imagine getting up in front of all of your friends and singing “Rawhide” (or any other ghastly old song) to the soundtrack with the lyrics scrolling past on a video screen. It works best when you’re drunk but it’s great fun for everyone. Huge in Japan; getting very big here too. Terry Dowling (our other guest) was a singer with a band before he became a writer, and is a notorious filker. This is going to be a hoot.

Medieval Faire

We’re still organising this one, but we hope to run the whole of Sunday evening, including the Banquet and the Awards Ceremony, as a Faire in Medieval style. This means everyone (whether you choose to come to the Banquet or not, and this year it’s going to be very inexpensive) will have something to do. There will be (with luck) demonstration fighting from the SCA and the Grey Company, Juggling workshops, Tarot Reading, and it will probably incorporate the (costumed) Freeform, “Shadows on the Sun” (see PARSEC section for details) and a number of other medieval-type goings on. The whole evening will be a chance to relax after the packed Saturday and Sunday programming. Details in later Progress Reports.


By arrangement with the proprietors of Perth’s “Quasar Space Game”, members of the Con will be able to play the game (a version of tag played with laser-style guns and computer-controlled targeting) along the foreshore during Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening and night. We will almost certainly have unlimited access to the equipment during those periods, and this is a fabulous way to unwind after a hard day’s heavy discussion or video viewing.

Room Parties

With specially tailored video programme through the TVs in every room!

Balcony Parties

One of the two hotel blocks will be exclusively for noisy parties!

Pool Parties

The pool is central and will be available 24 hours a day!

River-side Parties

There’s a great foreshore and a pier owned by the hotel!

A Great Fan Lounge

Coffee and tea will be absolutely free, 24 hours a day!


Pizza Banquets

…and lots more fun stuff.

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