SwanCon 17 Progress Report July 1991 Back Cover

Transcribed by Chris Creagh


Although the “committee” for next year’s convention will play a much less prominent role in the actual events themselves (we see our role as “organisers” and not “principal attendees”, so you’ll see less of us sitting loudly out the front and more of us standing quietly at the back) you do probably need to know who we are so you can eagerly rush forward to offer suggestions about the Festival whenever you bump in to us (at the pharmaceutical counter, in the loo at the pictures, during a very important business lunch…)

Core Committee:
While many, many people will be involved in the organisation of the events which comprise the Festival by virtue of being a part of the various subcommittees listed below, the following names are those of the central, organising group (responsible for coordinating all the subcommittee activity). Generally, because names of subcommittee members will not be published, you should approach these people for all business related to the Festival.

Mark Bivens (ph. xxx-xxxx)
Robin Pen (ph. xxx-xxxx)
Tara Smith (ph. xxx-xxxx)
Jeremy Byrne (ph. xxx-xxxx)
Richard Scriven (ph. xxx-xxxx)
Chris Stronach (ph. xxx-xxxx)

The following is a list of all subcommittees which currently exist or are planned. These groups will organise separate components of the Festival and liaise with the Core Committee (usally through a common member). Membership on some subcommittees has not yet reached necessary levels, so volunteers would be welcome in those areas indicated (by an asterisk) below.

Conference (Seminars, Presentations, Panels etc)*
Education Seminar
Financial (Treasury, Fundraising)
Medieval Faire*
Promotions (PR, Advertising)*
Short Story Competition*
Social (Parties, Banquet etc)*
Security (Includes Front Desk Management etc)*
Technical (Sound, Lighting, Equipment etc)*
Writers’ Workshop

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