Con Publication Art

Who are the unsung artists and what has become of them? As we work through the Teetering Mound of  WASFF  my attention is drawn to various sketches, cartoons, elaborate drawings, and general scribblings. Like those in: Swancon 10 Programme Cartoon by Craig Hilton – Turkey looking at a framed “picture” above an Aussiecon II Art Show Sign… Continue reading Con Publication Art

Contents of Random Stack

by Chris Creagh This is an acknowledgement of existence. A small insignificant box lurked in the corner of the library. “This doesn’t seem to be important, not part of a collection”, the librarian. “You can take it home if you like”. woot! What’s in the box? Fanzines The Rhizome Factor Vol 1, Num 3, March… Continue reading Contents of Random Stack

T-Shirt The Festival of the Imagination 1996

Post by Chris Creagh T-shirt Design by the award-winning Shaun Tan. Thought you might like to see the shirt to go with the previous post about the badge. This is one of the shirts held in the basement of the Murdoch University library.