Swancon 10 – Programme – Page 1 – Contents and Committee

Transcribed by Elaine Walker Swancon 10 There is a picture of a standard looking rocket ship on the left hand side of the page. This claims to be the Programme but seems to contain other various things about the convention. Underneath the 10 of the Swancon 10 heading are numbers counting down from 9 to… Continue reading Swancon 10 – Programme – Page 1 – Contents and Committee

Con Publication Art

Who are the unsung artists and what has become of them? As we work through the Teetering Mound of  WASFF  my attention is drawn to various sketches, cartoons, elaborate drawings, and general scribblings. Like those in: Swancon 10 Programme Cartoon by Craig Hilton – Turkey looking at a framed “picture” above an Aussiecon II Art Show Sign… Continue reading Con Publication Art

SwanCon 10 – Progress report 4

being a transcription with commentary by Anna Hepworth At present, this is the only progress report for this convention that we have a copy of – unsurprisingly, progress reports haven’t commonly survived to come to roost in the WASFF archives. It is a single A4 sheet of paper. On the front, there is “Hugo” style… Continue reading SwanCon 10 – Progress report 4