SwanCon 10 – Progress report 4

being a transcription with commentary by Anna Hepworth

At present, this is the only progress report for this convention that we have a copy of – unsurprisingly, progress reports haven’t commonly survived to come to roost in the WASFF archives. It is a single A4 sheet of paper. On the front, there is “Hugo” style rocket* in the top left, the word ‘SWANCON’ across the top, a list of integers from 9 down to 1 running down the right hand side, and wall-of-text in the remaining space. On the back there is a further full page of wall-of-text.

Note that formatting of the original typing has been retained to the best of our ability.**

Swancon 10

P.O. Box XXX, Nedlands 6009


Not much to report this time round. Cindy Evans has been let off the hook, your illustrious co-ordinator, John McDouall, has returned from overseas and has resumed the reins of chaos control (?). Just so you don’t think things are going completely to plan, the secretary, Caroline Strong, has disappeared for four weeks, working in the North-West. We can never have the entire committee in Perth at any one time for too long.

Space Merchants (John Hall-Freeman) is sponsoring a short story competition for SWANCON X. The competition will be judged by Grant Stone, of Faster Than Light fame, and the prize(s) are yet to be decided. John informs me that there have already been several submissions, even before the competition is officially announced. All submissions are to be handed in or sent to Space Merchant; not to the SWANCON P.O. Box!!

It would seem that the tentative programme laid out in PR3 has caused some consternation, even umbrage! I repeat the programme so outlined is provisional, it can be changed and probably will. The masquearade and banquet will be swopped around, so the first is on Saturday evening and the second on Sunday evening.

Just because we seem to have filled most of the spaces on the programme doesn’t mean that we don’t want more contributions. Anyone wanting to put on an item will be considered. If an item is better than what we already have, we’ll reshuffle. WE ARE NOTHING IF WE ARE NOT FLEXIBLE!!!

(bottom of page, large type:

Australia Day Weekend, Jan. 1985



(list of members 32 thru 38 elided)

A small reminder about memberships and their costs. They are now,
DISADVANTAGED $15.00 (this also includes students).
next increase may, just may, be January 1st. However, if we get enough support it might not go up until Day 1 of SWANCON.

As always we shall attempt to attract certain dealers for the Huckster Room. We shall endeavour not to have two hucksters competing directly with eachother, so it will be a first come first serve basis for those that are interested!
HUCKSTER RATES (for the entire convention) $20.00

So far I am unaware of any nominations for these awards. The closing date for nominations is 30th NOVEMBER. If by this date we have not received any nominations or the nominations we have received number less than 25% of the then membership, there will be NO AWARDS!!!
Nominations anyone?

The rates are SINGLE $40.00/night,
DOUBLE $45.00/night,
FAMILY $50.00/night.
All bookings are to be done through the SWANCON X P.O. Box or John McDouall. Do not go direct to the hotel. All bookings must be accompanied by a deposit of one night’s charge, payment of deposit is not required until 1st December. Any bookings made after 10th December will incur a surcharge (covering admin. and hassle costs) of $5.00.

See. I told you there wasn’t much to say!

* According to Wikipedia, the rocket shape for the Hugo award is based on 1950s car hood ornaments, and is thus presumably not representative of imagined rocket ships.
** Also known as “don’t blame us for the UNDERLINED ALL CAPS. This was made on a typewriter, doncha know”.

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