Swancon icks (9) Progress Report The Last — Harrison Blurb

Transcribed by: Elaine Walker
From Progress Report The Last – Page 7 – an untitled (and uncredited) page, identified from the Table of Contents as being “Harrison Blurb”

Harry Harrison was born in Stamford, Connecticut, grew up in New York City–and was promptly drafted into the United States Army when he reached his eighteenth birthday. Some years later, older if not wiser, he returned to civilian life with a sergeant’s stripes and no regrets at curtailing a promising military career that had included repairing computers, instructing in the use of the calibre .50 machine gun–as well as riding shotgun on a garbage truck manned by prisoners. After a short term in college and a longer one in art school he spent the next few years in New York as an artist, art director and editor, and finally as a freelance writer.

Being dissatisfied with a career as the author of numerous true confessions and men’s adventures he drove to Mexico with his wife Joan and son Todd to start work on his first novel. Once he started moving he did not stop, and the Harrison’s [sic], daughter Moira as well, have lived in England, Denmark and Ireland, with briefer stayes [sic] in twenty-seven other countries. He is the author of thirty novels, all of them still in print, has published five collections of his short stories, four juvenile books, and edited countless anthologies. These include two text books for the teaching of science fiction. His books have been translated into twenty-one languages. He received the Nebula Award and the Prix Jules Verne for his novel Make Room! Make Room!, made into the film Soylent Green.

At the bottom of the page is another Craig Hilton cartoon (’83) with a anthropomorphic rat holding a lightsabre-like weapon and the caption: Raturn of the Jedi

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