Swancon 10 – Programme – Page 1 – Contents and Committee

Transcribed by Elaine Walker

Swancon 10

There is a picture of a standard looking rocket ship on the left hand side of the page. This claims to be the Programme but seems to contain other various things about the convention. Underneath the 10 of the Swancon 10 heading are numbers counting down from 9 to 1 in outline font.


2 Co-ordinator’s Blurb
3 The GOH review : This does not constitute an introduction … by Dave Luckett
4 Rail Baron Tournament
5 Cocktail Party
6 Silver Swan
7 Program[sic]
8 Masquerade/Weapons Policy
8 Banquet
9 Fan food – Eating Guide …… by Mark Bivens
9 Auction
10 Membership List


CO-ORDINATOR – John McDouall
SECRETARY – Caroline Strong
TREASURER – the two persons above after Garry Hoff joined the Swancon 11 Committee
PROGRAMMER – Vicki Neumann
PUBLICITY – Cindy Evans

EDITOR – John McDouall
TYPING – John McDouall & Caroline Strong
ART & LETRASETTING – Caroline Strong
Printed by PARK PRINT

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