Con Publication Art

Who are the unsung artists and what has become of them?

As we work through the Teetering Mound of  WASFF  my attention is drawn to various sketches, cartoons, elaborate drawings, and general scribblings. Like those in:

Swancon 10 Programme

Cartoon by Craig Hilton – Turkey looking at a framed “picture” above an Aussiecon II Art Show Sign “Heyyy.. now this is something else. I mean – the sheer alienness of the landscape, lethal inhospitality, glowing ochre, the blinding nova piercing the stratosphere”.
Wombat (Aussiecon II mascot) replies “Mmhhh. And actually it’s a window.”
Turkey: “Oh, wow. Some backyard you’ve got here, Shirl.”

Craig published this as as one of a set of 5 coloured postcards, which were available for sale at Aussiecon 4.

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