Rumours abound

It has come to our attention that an object (or set thereof) known as “The SwanCon Card Game” is in existence, and is rumoured to have been sighted in recent years. However, those of us at ASFDAP whose particular passion is the history of SwanCons have not seen this fabled object (or set thereof) and would dearly love to see either said object (or set therof) in question, or a definitive set of photographs.

Information on creators, incept date, playability or other interesting tidbits would also be greatly appreciated.

Note that this is a handmade set of cards specifically relating to SwanCon and some of its history, not any old game played at a SwanCon that required a set of cards.


  1. Pretty sure this was demo’d at Swancon in 2001, but I can’t remember who came up with the game. I had nothing to do with the original game, but a few months after the con, I did write some code to generate a deck of cards, as did another UCCan at the same time. Both our web pages are still up, along with printable card decks in PDF and HTML.

    Mine’s here:
    James’ is here:

    Sadly the links to the original game description are broken, and I have no memory of the actual rules…

    1. Sorry, broken HTML and I can’t edit the comment, you’ll have to cut and paste the URL’s.

  2. I first saw it in 2001, I think. A set was printed out and kept in UniSFA, with quite a bit of use in the ensuing months.

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