Contents of Random Stack

by Chris Creagh

This is an acknowledgement of existence. A small insignificant box lurked in the corner of the library. “This doesn’t seem to be important, not part of a collection”, the librarian. “You can take it home if you like”.

woot! What’s in the box?


  • The Rhizome Factor Vol 1, Num 3, March 1999 Edited by Cathy Cupitt
  • Oscillation Overthruster 13, 1999 Edited by Sue Ann Barber
  • Mimezine Retrozine by Terry Frost 1999
  • Give Dog Boiled Yak Num 2, July 1983 Edited by Seth Lockwood
  • Give Dog Boiled Yak Num 3, August 1983 Edited by Seth Lockwood
  • I DOE MOE Sex, smut AND violence 1983 by SKATE PRESS
  • Rataplan Twenty-Four August 1983 put together by Leigh Edmonds
  • Thyme 26 Produced by Roger Weddall 1983
  • Thyme 27 Produced by Rodger Weddall
  • TWLL-DDU 20 Twillscape by Dave Langford 1983
  • Waste of a Tree Num 2, Alex Stewart and John Murphy Nov 1983
  • Skate Press/Self Abused But Still standing 1983 by Chuck Connor
  • Weber Woman’s Wrevenge Vol 3, Num 3 Nov 1983 by Jean Weber
  • LMTWGA 6 (Love Makes the World Go Awry) by Fran Skene 1983
  • A’AAKa (Juice Concentrate) 1 by Seth Lockwood September 1982
  • Ariel 1 edited by Marc Ortlieb February 1979
  • Interstellar Pajama Python by they did not say and they did not give a date but they did know Sally Underwood

Metazine (zine reviewing fanzines)

  • Q36 Num 4, July 1983 Produced by Marc Ortlieb
  • Q36 Num 5, Nov 1983 Produced by Marc Ortlieb
  • Offshoot Num 1, by Shayne McCormack 1983
  • Chunda Stories edited by John Foyster July 1979
  • Pelvic Wiggle Stamp by Kevin K. Rattan 14th June no year given but it’s old


  • The WASFFAN Num 36 January 1984 by Ken McCaw
  • The WASFFAN Num 35 Dec 1983 by Kevin McCaw
  • The WASFFAN Num 34 & 33, 1983 Published by Kevin McCaw
  • The WASFFAN Num 33 News supplement july/aug 1983
  • The WASFFAN Num 33 supplement two August 1983
  • The WASFFAN Num ?21? Sep 1983 party notice
  • Probe Num 55 May 1983 (SAFA Publications) Edited by G. A. Brunette
  • Anvil 27, April-May 1983 Edited by Charlotte Proctor (Birmingham SF Club
  • British SF Association Ltd. Newsletter Num 3 Dec 1975 Edited by Tom A. Jones
  • Fore Runner: The Journal of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation edited by Jack R Herman August 1979


  • CSN(Comic Shop News) 1999 Green Lantern Month (8 pages)

Other Stuff

  • 1984 Guff Ballot Form
  • 1984 DUFF Candidates Platforms (Jack R Herman, John Packer)
  • 1979 DUFF Winners Information / Introduction (Linda Lounsbury, Ken Fletcher)
  • CRJSPJH 2 by Sally Leasley I think it is a thing that supports Weber for GUFF
  • Floppy Single Record of the song ‘Vampire Dread” by The Get Engineered by Chris M, recorded at elephant Studios, Wapping
  • Skate Press SP 18 The Bright Idea by Colin Nixon book of poems

Well it looks to me that this box goes back into the library for scanning later!




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