Swancon Icks (9) – Progress Report The Last – Contents

transcribed by Doug Burbidge

Being a transcription (with commentary) of page three of the last progress report for SwanCon Icks.


Page  1.  Chairthing’s Things.
Page  3.  Programme.
Page  7.  Harrison Blurb.
Page  8.  Membership List.
Page 10.  Tin Duck Nomination Form.
Page 11.  Past Swancons.
Page 13.  Unlucky Blank.

Progress Report The Last is a post-prandial product of the fevered imagination of the Swancon Dream Factory. Probably prohibited somewhere by at least one literary convention.
Masterminded by Dave Luckett,
Typed by John McDouall,
Letrasetted by Caroline Strong,
Ignored by Mick Mannion,
Delayed by Seth Lockwood.
All art credits to Craig Hilton.

Copyright: if anyone is crazy enough to reprint this, they deserve everything they get.

At the bottom of the page, a Craig Hilton cartoon of a round grinning long-haired bearded head, with text next to it: “Hi! My name is Bob Ogden, and everybody tries to put me down. Mostly vets.”

Evidently the people crazy enough to reprint this are us.

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