Box of Ephemera

by Doug Burbidge

Anna handed me a box of stuff and said, “Blog this!”

I found:

  • Banana Wings, issues Thirty (May 2007) to 40 (November 2009) (a UK fanzine by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer)
  • Fannish Journeys (a NAFF fundraiser one-shot zine by Emma Hawkes)
  • on the road to healing, a booklet for men against sexism, issue 2 (an American zine)
  • Aussiecon 4 pocket program book
  • Pages 2 and 3 from the final working draft of Hal Spacejock Second Course, autographed and laminated
  • Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fourth Annual Volume (editd by Bill Congreve & Michelle Marquardt)
  • Continuum 2004 Pocket Program Book (which is half the width of the Aussiecon pocket program book — clearly domestic pockets are smaller than international pockets)
  • Fables and Reflections Issue 3, September 2002 (edited by Lily Chrywenstrom)
  • There and Back Again, a National Australian Fan Fund Report by Jaunita (Ju) Landéesse 2007.
  • Finland: “This is a fragment of a GUFF report produced by Juliette Woods and Damien Warman”, 2007.
  •, speculative fiction stories, novel excerpts & industry insights, issue #1, 2005. (It seems a bit counter-intuitive to title a paper object with a domain name, but there you are.)
  • Orbit Oz Newsletter Issue 2 May-August 2007
  • Souvenir book from Continuum 2: Gods of myth and silicon, 2004
  • Souvenir and program book from Continuum 2005
  • Where Creatures Watch, the Continuum 3 Video Program Guide
  • Souvenir book from Convergence 2007
  • State of the Art Swancon 2008 Programme Book (well that’s filed in the wrong box)
  • Souvenir book from Aussiecon 4, 2010
  • a flyer for Conflux 5
  • a cardboard box

No partridges or pear trees were found.

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