WASFA box from July 1977 Part 3

by Chris Creagh
Reflections, the WASFA “magazine which people keep saying is a fanzine” edited by R.C. Ferguson and sold for the princely sum of $1 (one copy). It contains:

  • short story by David Underwood called “Jack”
  • review by R.C. Ferguson of Roger Zelazny’s “The Doors of his Face? The Lamps of His Mouth and Other Stories.
  • review by Richard Cowper of “Clone”
  • review of “the Dynostar Menace” by Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis
  • extract from Anthony Peacy‘s novel “Tamura”
  • poem “Collage” by Sally Underwood
  • news
  • “News From the Final Frontier” about astronomy
  • “The *Ian Henderson* Page
  • “Last Word on *S*W*A*N*C*O*N 1*” by Grant Stone
  • SwanCall artwork by Bob McGough

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