WASFA box from July 1977 Part 2

by Chris Creagh
WASFA news #1 28 May 1977; 2 copies

Raffles have been successfully held on the past two meetings. The money is being used to buy records of SF writers reciting their own work and from the first raffle the record Gravely Robert Bloch was purchased.

Does this collection still exist? If so where? Is there any chance of making mp3s of them if copyright can be sorted out?

WASFA news #2 18 June 1977; only 1 copy

We are on the SF map. Leigh Edmonds gave us about a quarter of a page in FANEW SLETTER EIGHTY [sic] this month.

Was it a typo or a real newsletter?


  1. Yes, “Fanew Sletter” was a real fannish newsletter put out by Leigh Edmonds from sometime in the early 1970s. I believe it was started as a means of informing the rest of the world about Australian fannish activities in the lead-up to the first Aussiecon in 1975.

    I’m not sure exactly when it started, though I have a copy of #97 dated 1/3/1978 and referred to as the 4th anniversary issue. It was still being published fortnightly at that time but that was about it: #98 is dated 15/3/1978, #99 appeared on 21/6/1978 and “The Last Gasp” (say #100) is dated 9th July 1978.

    Look on it as the Australian fannish equivalent of Dave Langford’s “Ansible”.

  2. The first issue of Fanew Sletter was dated 18/2/74 and in the editorial which starts off that issue it was explained by Leigh Edmonds that Fanew Sletter was being published to bring back the glory days of the John Foyster era Norstrilian News. Leigh was apparently of the opinion that Australian fans needed an effective means by which to find out what was going on.

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