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SwanCon 17 – Con book – Special Guest, Invited Guests

page 11 of the SwanCon 17 – Festival of the Imagination Con book is dedicated to brief bios of Special Guest Paul Kidd, and Invited Guests Philippa Maddern, Sean McMullen, Grant Stone, and Lucy Sussex. Twenty plus years has left … Continue reading

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SwanCon 17 Progress Report January 1992 — Things We Don’t Do Anymore

Transcription and commentary by Doug Burbidge. I was leafing through the last progress report before SwanCon 17, and noticed a few things that we don’t do anymore, which I thought were worth memorializing. Page 3 says: For the true movie … Continue reading

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SwanCon 17 poster

I see that 17 are one of the cons that choose to bicapitalize SwanCon. An A3 poster, photocopied or laser-printed on white paper, single-sided. At the right hand side is an Escheresque drawing of a robot hand holding a reflective … Continue reading

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Swancon 17 badge

Post by Doug Burbidge You’re probably starting to spot a theme to my posts. Swancon 17, or as it was officially known, The Festival of the Imagination. At the Ascot Inn. (In Ascot. Not in the city.) Terry Dowling and … Continue reading

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