SwanCon 17 Progress Report July 1991 – Details front cover

Transcription and commentary by Chris Creagh

The A4 buff coloured booklet front cover has a central image of radiating lines overlaid with the impossible triangle (apex downwards) overlaid with a clear silhouette of a  young adult in the style of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitruvian_Man) overlaid with the words “THE FESTIVAL OF THE IMAGINATION”. At the bottom of the page can be found “A Celebration of Fantasy and Science Fiction in All Media”.

Inside the front cover you can find the “Convention Details”.

Dates: Friday, January 24 to Monday, January 27, 1992

Venue: The Ascot Inn Function Centre, 1 Epson Ave. Belmont, WA

Terry Dowling – Pre-eminent author of Rynosseros & Wormwood
Nick Stathopoulos – Australia’s finest genre artist

Attending Membership $40.00 ($45.00 from 01-08-91), reviewed 01-11-91)
Supporting Membership $15.00

Please Note: Supporting Membership cost will never rise beyond $15 and will be convertible to the Attendance Fee at the then-current fee less $15. Persons with Supporting Membership will receive all Progress Reports and the Program Book.

The Hotel: Room Costs $50 per night for single/double. The convention organisers have been able to obtain a special room rate of $50 per night… then there is more info about the limited number of rooms and how to book them with the hope that the whole hotel could be booked out and the expected attendant benefits. The page ends with correspondence and payment details as well as Huckster and Advertising enquiries.

Page 3 top has the Table of Contents which apart from the above mentioned includes, P4 Programme, P6 Social Programme, P8 Video Programme, P10 Hotel Feature, P12 Gaming Programme, P16 Writers’ Workshop, P19 Education Seminar, P19 Short Story Competition, P20 Afterword & Committee.

At the bottom of page 3 in large friendly letters is

Don’t Panic
There’s a lot in here.
You don’t need to read it all.
To help you skim we’ve highlighted the headings.
This should help you find the stuff that interests you, and ignore the junk that doesn’t.

which really says it all!


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