Festival of The Imagination 1996 – Hotel, Gaming Programme, Fundraiser Quiz

Being pages 8 & 9 of the December 1995 newsletter. As ever, transcription done as faithfully as we can manage

The Hotel

Not many rooms are left at the Kings, so get your bookings in now. There has been some confusion over the room prices at the Kings Perth Hotel. Members phoning the Hotel have been told that the price is greater than the 80/85 quoted in our newsletter. This is correct, as the Festival has negotiated a special rate available only through the con. The Hotel is confirmed at 80/85 but only first 40 rooms are available at this special price at the Kings. We have also booked The Inntown Hotel as the quiet hotel, only about fifty meters around the corner from the main venue. The hotel rooms are available at the same price of 80/85. We ask that everyone with a pre-existing booking please confirm their wish to stay in the Kings or move to The Inntown.

Gaming Programme

Gaming has always been kept as a sideline for previous Swancons, something to keep those diehard Rail Barons happy. This year we intend to open up the gaming slightly, running several items which are intended to be enjoyed by the audience as well as the participants, or simply to entice a wider range of people to participate.

Freeforms have become a regular event at previous conventions, and this one should prove to be no different. This year we are intending to run between three and five different freeforms at the convention, the final number depending on how much programming time we are able to steal. Several people have expressed that they wish to write a freeform for use during the convention and we feel that this is appropriate. If you wish to write a freeform for the convention please forward any information to the committee and we will see what can be done. Also this year we are fortunate to be able to run the World Trade Game at the Festival, run by the organization Junior Chamber International. The World Trade Game is a mixture of a freeform and Monopoly in which people take on the part of various countries and try to balance the budget through dealing with other countries. The whole game is conducted over two hours, which ensures frantic buying and selling throughout.

Bill Gant’s boardgames version of “Salute of the Jugger” will be back again this year, and we hope to run a competition between entrants to find out who will be able to take on the League team. For anyone who watched the cult film with Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen, or anyone who feels like spending time manoeuvring their team to get a dog skull onto the opponents’ spike!

There will be a gaming room set up for the usual games of Rail Baron, Shogun, Nuclear War and Magic, and anyone wishing to organise a tournament should contact the committee, hopefully before the convention. This room will be available for gaming throughout the convention, 24 hours a day for those hardened gamers, so bring along anything that you wish to play. You won’t get anything out of it unless you participate.

Fundraiser Quiz

The Festival of the Imagination 1996 fundraiser quiz will be held on February the 11th, 1996, at the Hype Park Hotel, on Bulwer Street in North Perth. It will start as 12:30 PM, and run through until around 5PM – the restaurant will be open beforehand, so come and have lunch with everyone prior to taxing your brains, and there will be bar service available throughout, including afterwards, so apres quiz socializing is encouraged. There will be six people to a table, with an entry fee of $30 per table. Up for grabs will be a a large selection of prizes, including dinner for six kindly donated by the hotel, and pop quizzes will punctuate the routine every once in a while. Also look out for the slowly-becoming-legendary and difficult to win (on purpose, anyway!) L. Ron Hubbard Memorial Award for Outstanding Mediocrity. The question will be chiefly of a genre nature, and will be assembled by an evil team of mad scientists to challenge and entertain even the most anal-retentive of sci-fi fanatics, let alone the rest of us.

There will be more details, including more of the prizes, in the January newsletter. For further information, contact Richard Scriven on (xx) xxx-xxxx, or check with your fan club or local shop. (see sponsors list, page 14).

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