Swancon 2001: PR2 part 1 of 3

The SwanCon 2001 (‘Masquerade’) Progress Report 2 is a single A3 page (printed back and front) page folded into an A4 booklet.

The front cover has the text “Things are not always what they seem” (although rather nicely laid out) as well as a rather fetching piece of artwork by Colin Sharpe which defies description. The back has the committee details, the web page, upcoming events (see below). It gives the credits for the PR as

This PR was compiled by Sarah [redacted]* and Dave Cake, cover art by Colin Sharpe

The inside has four columns, which contain:

  1. Dave’s Rave (to be transcribed later)
  2. Swancon 2001 Unmasked (repeats information we have elsewhere about timing, location, membership, guests of honour, invited guests, and other minutia), which flows in to the top of …
  3. Robert Silverberg (to be transcribed)
  4. Art Show; Call for papers (see below)

* last name omitted as it is no longer in use.

Art Show

We welcome all sorts of two dimensional- and three dimensional – fantasy, science fiction and horror art work for the Swancon 2001 art show. Pieces which address the convention theme ‘Things are not what they seem’ are particularly welcome.

Reproductions or prints from digitally created works are allowed, though only one of any particular piece may be hung. Please state on the entry form if the piece is an original or a reproduction. You may put up a notice on the displayed print advising that further copies are available.

Works judged by the art show staff to have libelous (as opposed to humorous) content in regard to known persons will not be accepted. Works of pornography can not be accepted, as this art show is open to the general public including minors. If you are in doubt as to whether your work is acceptable, please contact the art show staff in advance.

Call for papers

Academic Stream

Swancon 2001: Masquerade is still accepting and encouraging submissions of proposals for papers to be presented as part of our academic stream.

We are interested in papers on any aspect of science fiction or fantasy, including fandom.

The deadline for proposals for papers is November 20th 2000. Proposals should be submitted by email to:

Helen Merrick
email [redacted]

Or by snail-mail to: Swancon 2001: Masquerade, PO Box xxx, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909

Upcoming Events

Westlodge Farscape Day
Come and watch episodes of Farscape
21st October 2000
10am – 10pm
xxx Wright Street Kewdale
tickets $8
call Sven 04xx xxxxxx

Quiz Day
11th February 2001
Sandringham Hotel Belmont
tables of 8
tickets $7

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