Swancon 17 – November report – The Perth SF&F Writers' Workshop

Page 13 of the PR starts with “New stuff in the Non-Anime Video Stream”, and then goes on to:

The Perth SF&F Writers’ Workshop

The Perth SF&F Writers’ Workshop will be held on the weekend of 18th and 19th of January 1992 at St. Columba’s College, Stirling Highway, Crawley. The workshop will be a “sleep-over” event, and as such a fee of $20 to $30 will be charged for accommodation and hire of the venue (meals will be taken away from the venue and will be paid for by the individual attendees).

The Workshop Convener will be Dr. Philippa Maddern assisted by Lucy Sussex. Terry Dowling (a Principal Guest at the SwanCon 17 Convention) will participate in some of the Workshop. Philippa and Lucy will also appear as guests at SwanCon.

Applicants must submit an example of written work to the Workshop Convener. This piece may be used at the workshop, so be prepared to have it discussed, dissected and critically evaluated. It’s important to remember that the Writers’ Workshop is not the same as the very successful “mini-workshop”/writers’ discussion group which has taken place at SwanCon over the past two years and which will feature as part of the Conference at SwanCon 17. Workshop results may be discussed at that session, but otherwise the events are quite separate and distinct.

Please remember that attendance at the Workshop will be based on submission of a recent manuscript to the Workshop Convenor (Dr. Maddern) for appraisal, and that numbers will be strictly limited. Interested persons should submit a manuscript to Dr. Philippa Maddern c/o the History Department, University of Western Australia, Crawley, 6009. Any enquiries, including questions about payment, should be directed to The Festival of the Imagination, PO Box XXX, North Perth 6006.

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