SwanCon 17 November Report – Short Story Competition

Page 12 of the SwanCon 17 November Progress report details the ‘SwanCon 17 – the Seventeenth Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival Short story Competition’. That text alone takes the top third of page 12, and no attempt has been made to replicate any of the fancy font work that should never have happened. Our copy of this document was punched for filing. Attempts have been made to guess at what the hole punch removed at the end of a couple of lines.

Short Story Competition

Junior Division
(ages up to 16)
First Prize $60
Second prize $30
Open Division
(above 16 years of age)
First prize $100
Second prize $50

This short story competition is proudly sponsored by A Touch of Strange Bookshop, Shop xx Subiaco Village 531 Hay Stree Subiaco 6008 – specialists in the latest Science Fiction and Fantasy books and art from Australia and Overseas and suppliers of genre fiction to schools and libraries for all age groups.

All entries must be original genre fiction by Western Australian residents or Festival attendees. The manuscript should be no longer than 8000 words, provided on A4 paper, be double spaced and in [a] legible hand or typed. The author’s name, the title, and page number must appear on each page. If the manuscript is to be returned, a stamped, self-addressed envelope must be provided. Please provide a covering letter stating your name, address, phone number and age for junior division. Entrants for the Junior division may be considered for the open division on request. Winners will be announced at SwanCon 17 and also notified by mail. Prizes will be made up of an equal value of cash and book vouchers from A Touch of Strange Bookshop. Entries should be postmarked by the 31st of December 1991 and sent to: SwanCon 17 Short Story Competition, PO Box xxx, North Perth 6006.

At the bottom left of the page is a box containing the following text:

This A4 poster was circulated to hundreds of WA Libraries and schools via their internal mailing systems. It is intended for “General” audiences (thus the deviation from the standard SwanCon style and descriptions), and seems to have been having the desired effect. We’ve received far more entries for the competition than we’ve seen in previous years, although most are for the Junior Division, so there’s plenty of room left for Open Division entries.

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