Swancon 17: Waiting for the Cappuccino Muse: Terry Dowling

Here’s page 7 of the Festival of the Imagination 1992 souvenir book.

Waiting for the Cappuccino Muse

Terry Dowling

Born in Sydney in 1947, Terry Dowling is the only writer to have won eight [count ’em folks, eight!] Australian Science Fiction “Ditmar” Awards for fiction. A musician, songwriter and communications instructor, he is science fiction and fantasy reviewer for The Australian, was senior editor of The Essential Ellison and, with Harlan Ellison, is presently co-editing Down Deep, an anthology dealing with the mythical nature of the Australian landscape.

His stories have appeared in Omega Science Digest, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Men’s Journal Quarterly, Aphelion Science Fiction, Aurealis, Australian Short Stories, Eidolon, and Strange Plasma, and in the anthologies Urban Fantasies, Matilda at the Speed of Light, and Glass Reptile Breakout.

His first collection, Rynosseros, received both local and international acclaim. According to Faren Miller of Locus it is “a marvellous book … Rynosseros places Dowling among the masters of the field.” His second collection of linked stories, Wormwood, was published in March 1991 by Aphelion Publications to even greater acclaim than its predecessor. Blue Tyson, a second collection of Tom Rynosseros stories, is due from Aphelion in May 1992.

Dowling has a Master of Arts (1st Class Honours) in English Literature from the University of Sydney; has won the William Atheling Award for Criticism; and as a musician and songwriter appeared for more than six years on ABC-TV’s Mr Squiggle and Friends.

However, Terry’s first love remains his writing, which he practices religiously at a secret coffee located somewhere in Sydney. Terry is perpetually seated where he can hear the dulcet tones of the cappuccino machine, without which we may never have heard his tales told.

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