SwanCon 16 – Souvenir book – Chairman's Report

From the Chair of SwanCon 16, Greg Turkich, comes an effusive welcome to yet another con.

Well, it’s finally arrived. After a year of planning we are proud to present Swancon 16, the latest in the long line of Swancons.

In this Report I’m supposed to outline the whole Con to all of you. You know, all the stuff about what a fun time we had working on the Con, what an exciting time that you are about to have, all the great panels and shows that will be on; all the normal hype. Well bad luck – I’m not going to. Swancon has developed a name over the last 15 years for all that and a lot more, so there’s simply no need.

I have chaired the ConCom and, due to DUFF and work commitments, have not been as involved as I would have liked. I realise that there are many other people who go to making up a Swancon committee, and even more people who help to organise the many different aspects of any Swancon. However, there has to be a strong hand at the helm, and in this case that guidance came from Tara Smith and Stephen Dedman. If, at the end of it all, any credit for this Con is due, then it should be given to these two tireless workers. If not for them, Swancon 16 would not have happened.

I will ask one thing of the people attending this convention. If you see any area that can be improved upon, or if you have suggestions as to how something can be done, please let any handy member of the Committee know. We appreciate constructive criticism, and it helps make Swancons even better.

So, enjoy yourselves. Relax, sit back and have a good long weekend.

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