Contents of Random Stack

by Chris Creagh

This is an acknowledgement of existence. A small insignificant box lurked in the corner of the library. “This doesn’t seem to be important, not part of a collection”, the librarian. “You can take it home if you like”.

woot! What’s in the box?


  • The Rhizome Factor Vol 1, Num 3, March 1999 Edited by Cathy Cupitt
  • Oscillation Overthruster 13, 1999 Edited by Sue Ann Barber
  • Mimezine Retrozine by Terry Frost 1999
  • Give Dog Boiled Yak Num 2, July 1983 Edited by Seth Lockwood
  • Give Dog Boiled Yak Num 3, August 1983 Edited by Seth Lockwood
  • I DOE MOE Sex, smut AND violence 1983 by SKATE PRESS
  • Rataplan Twenty-Four August 1983 put together by Leigh Edmonds
  • Thyme 26 Produced by Roger Weddall 1983
  • Thyme 27 Produced by Rodger Weddall
  • TWLL-DDU 20 Twillscape by Dave Langford 1983
  • Waste of a Tree Num 2, Alex Stewart and John Murphy Nov 1983
  • Skate Press/Self Abused But Still standing 1983 by Chuck Connor
  • Weber Woman’s Wrevenge Vol 3, Num 3 Nov 1983 by Jean Weber
  • LMTWGA 6 (Love Makes the World Go Awry) by Fran Skene 1983
  • A’AAKa (Juice Concentrate) 1 by Seth Lockwood September 1982
  • Ariel 1 edited by Marc Ortlieb February 1979
  • Interstellar Pajama Python by they did not say and they did not give a date but they did know Sally Underwood

Metazine (zine reviewing fanzines)

  • Q36 Num 4, July 1983 Produced by Marc Ortlieb
  • Q36 Num 5, Nov 1983 Produced by Marc Ortlieb
  • Offshoot Num 1, by Shayne McCormack 1983
  • Chunda Stories edited by John Foyster July 1979
  • Pelvic Wiggle Stamp by Kevin K. Rattan 14th June no year given but it’s old


  • The WASFFAN Num 36 January 1984 by Ken McCaw
  • The WASFFAN Num 35 Dec 1983 by Kevin McCaw
  • The WASFFAN Num 34 & 33, 1983 Published by Kevin McCaw
  • The WASFFAN Num 33 News supplement july/aug 1983
  • The WASFFAN Num 33 supplement two August 1983
  • The WASFFAN Num ?21? Sep 1983 party notice
  • Probe Num 55 May 1983 (SAFA Publications) Edited by G. A. Brunette
  • Anvil 27, April-May 1983 Edited by Charlotte Proctor (Birmingham SF Club
  • British SF Association Ltd. Newsletter Num 3 Dec 1975 Edited by Tom A. Jones
  • Fore Runner: The Journal of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation edited by Jack R Herman August 1979


  • CSN(Comic Shop News) 1999 Green Lantern Month (8 pages)

Other Stuff

  • 1984 Guff Ballot Form
  • 1984 DUFF Candidates Platforms (Jack R Herman, John Packer)
  • 1979 DUFF Winners Information / Introduction (Linda Lounsbury, Ken Fletcher)
  • CRJSPJH 2 by Sally Leasley I think it is a thing that supports Weber for GUFF
  • Floppy Single Record of the song ‘Vampire Dread” by The Get Engineered by Chris M, recorded at elephant Studios, Wapping
  • Skate Press SP 18 The Bright Idea by Colin Nixon book of poems

Well it looks to me that this box goes back into the library for scanning later!




About australian sf-history

ASFDAP was set up in 2011 after the rediscovery by the wider SF community of an impressive hoard of Australian SF community related ephemera, fanzines and other materials in the Murdoch University basement.
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