SF Convention Register postcard for ConFusion

OK, this is interesting. It’s a postcard-sized object, but on lighter card stock, and is typed upon in fairly small type (approx 9-point). It’s got lots of ASCII typesetting with lines consisting of dashes, slashes, etc. ASCII typesetting not faithfully reproduced. There’s a US 40 cent stamp in the top right corner.

SF Convention Register
c/o Erwin S. "Filthy Pierre" Strauss
[address elided] HOT LINE: [phone number elided] AIR MAIL
The reverse shows your con's listing in the current issue ofSF ConventionRegister(SFCR;excuse weird AKAs;indexing program uses them).Please check it,&get additions/corrections to me at address/phone above ASAP, so I can tell callers to hot line # above,& get it into Asimov's SF Magazine (see last page of each 4-weekly issue),&correct next issue of SFCR.For Asimov's, I need to know 6

c/o Box XXX

Mt. Lawley WA 6050


mo.before con.SFCR now has 32pp of 8-pt.type,extensive cross-indexing, etc.,so I can’t afford to send it free to all listed cons(hence, this card). To subscribe to SFCR, send $12 for 3 issues(1 year),or $24 for 2 years($15 & $30 outside N.America by air).Single issues are $3($1 outside N.America)+addressed,stamped envelope(#10[business]size,4 oz. postage),or $4($5 outside N.America). Make checks (drawn on a US bank) or money orders payable to”Erwin S.Strauss”(US $ only);Intl.Reply Coupons(IRCs) taken at$0.40 each(no change returned).SFCR shows current cons, bids,&annual cons’past dates.Thus SFCR is useful in scheduling. It also shows what rates are being charged, & is a guide to new programming ideas, & shows popular — and overlooked — guests.


Then on the reverse side, it says, up the very top of the card:

CONFUSION (OZ), Perth Australia. 15-Jul. A.K.A.: FUSION (OZ), CON. Held a YEAR AGO (1994) (see page 1 key), No word on this year (1995). EMPHASIS: media SF; Media fantasy. GENERAL INFO: Box XXX, Mt. Lawley WA 6050, AUSTRALIA.

(The PO box, as usual, is elided by me.) I like the way he’s skipped every space he possibly can, skipping spaces around punctuation marks, to squeeze it all in. I also like the way that it’s a functioning post card, with all of the various postal thingies shoehorned in around the text. And it’s such a weird the-internet-hasn’t-quite-arrived-yet object.

About australian sf-history

ASFDAP was set up in 2011 after the rediscovery by the wider SF community of an impressive hoard of Australian SF community related ephemera, fanzines and other materials in the Murdoch University basement.
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