SwanCon XV Program Book – Page 7 POLICY STATE

Transcribed by Chris Creagh, all typos carefully reproduced.


If you want to sell anything at the Auction, get it to the Registration Desk and complete the appropriate form provided, by Saturday at 3:00PM. The auctioneers reserve the right to refuse items considered inappropriate. The Con will take 10% of the sale price and you’re free to distribute the rest as you see fit. (‘though “3% to GUFF, 6% to DUFF, 18% to aid Lithuanian Fans in Exile and any amount over $2.67 to be included in the cost of my banquet ticket” will not be taken kindly).

Full Membership for SwanCon XV at the door is $50.00. Day memberships will be sold at the Registration Desk for $20.00 and will apply for the 24 hours following their time of purchase. Half-day memberships (called Half-Day before 6:00PM and Night Memberships until 6:00AM) will cost $10.00 and last for 8 hours only. If in doubt, the Reg. Desk can be rung on XXX XXXX, 24 hours.

The Banquet will be held at Miss Maud’s Pier Street Restaurant (beneath the Con Hotel) on the Sunday, January 28th, 1990. It will run from about 6:30pm to around 10:00pm, with the final hour devoted to the Awards Ceremony. The cost of this Smorgasbord, including free beer, wine and softdrinks is $24.00. Numbers are limited, so please book at the Registration Desk as soon as you are able. This would have to be one of the best value-for-money SwanCon banquets in memory. For those who’d rather attend the Alternative Banquet or whose table manners are objectionable beyond all reason, the doors will be opened at 9:00PM for any and all convention members to attend the Awards.

Registrations for all gaming events should be made as soon as possible at the Convention. Note: Registration is limitted for ALL advertised games.

No weapons, real or replica, are to be displayed in the Hotel or Venue, with the exception that, during the masquerade, by arrangement with the Security Coordinator, some weapons may be permitted to be carried. Transport of any such items to and from the Hotel must be organised with Security, as the laws of the land prohibit weapons being carried openly on the streets. Anyone breaching this policy (or indeed anyone acting in a manner considerer by the Security Coordinator to be likely to cause offense to other members of the convention or the public) will be refunded his or her membership on a pro rata basis and be asked to leave the convention area.

Perhaps that’s not clear. Smoking can’t be permitted within the precincts of Venue, and we’d appreciate you not smoking in the Hotel Video Lounge or the Gaming Room. Please feel free to use the conveniently located outside world.

A “Huckster’s Area” within the Fan Lounge will be made available to non-professionals wishing to sell or display goods at a nominal rate of $5.00 per day (or part-day). This area will be “at your own risk”, so please make arrangements to pack up when you’re not in attendance.

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