SwanCon 16, Progress report 1 – page ~3

What we are calling page 3 of the SwanCon 16 Progress report 1 (counting the inside front cover as ‘1’) has possibly the shortest program article I’ve ever seen.


(Volume One)

SwanCon 16 will feature a 24-hour film/video stream (interrupted only for such events as the GoH speech), a 24-hour games room, a 24-hour fan lounge (with late night filking), writer’s mini-workshop, traditional accoutrements such as the Masquerade (Saturday night) and the auction, a number of totally disorganised room parties, and a poolside barbeque in lieu of the banquet. Also planned are a number of plays (including a new Goon show), academic papers, interviews, and panels.

The following panels have been suggested:

Why do Women write (and read) Fantasy?

Ritual and Magic in Literature

The Vampire – Sex Symbol of the 90s

Modern Horror

Love in SF

Cute Aliens Must Die!!

Star Trek novels and other shared universes

Why you can’t use a Halberd in a Dungeon II

The economics and ecology of the Shire

19th Century Gothic

Who is (Doctor) Who?

The History of SwanCons

All we need now are some panelists. Please see the universal generic booking/volunteering form included in this report.

Needless to say, we’d also like some more suggestions, particularly on comics, gaming, films, etc.

* ASFDAP editorial comment: really? Surely women == people would have been just as good

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