Swancon XV, PR2: W.A. Clubs in brief

Pages 7-9 of the Swancon XV Progress Report 2 have a summary of contemporary clubs. The first of these has the ‘running head’ ‘Various Indecent Obsessions

The Gamer’s Guild

Saturday, 12:30pm. A young man in a worn leather jacket and lugging an ominous-looking bag bearing the curious emblem “Mobil HDT” makes his way up Hay Street. Oblivious to the hordes of little old ladies and the insistent advances of frothing Scientologists, his telic gaze is focussed on his goal – 90 William Street, the Q-Club and home of the renowned Gamers’ Guild. This is, of course, no ordinary man: this is the President. He nimbly dodges a passing skateboard, narrowly avoiding a death-plummet down the City Centre Market stairs. Undaunted by such trivialities, he takes a deep breath and start the long climb to the inner sanctum of precious insanity.

The first sound he hears is a booming cry “Where’s my bloody tapes then?” from a gentleman in a Queen jacket. A companion, sporting a pair of astonishingly pretentious Batman board shorts, looks up briefly from his copy of Electra Saga and smiles. Ah! Sweet sanctuary.

This, then is the Gamers’ Guild. Every Saturday from 1:00pm onward it welcomes the faithful to enter a world of dragons and romance, swordsmen, aliens and that most dangerous foe of all, the belligerent GM. Everyone is welcome to visit gratis or play for the day for the meagre sum of $3.00. Membership is $30.00 per annum and new members are very welcome indeed (the treasurer and I are looking forward to Jamaica…).

Why not come along to the Q-Club one Saturday or call:
– Chris Stronach: President and Chief Pythonist (xxx-xxxx). Yours Truly.
– Owen Godfrey: The Madman with the quill and book (xxx-xxxx).
– Bill Gant: Finance Whiz (xxx-xxxx).


Westrek is the official West Australian Star Trek Fan Club, affiliated with the Star Trek Welcommittee (Australian Branch) and associated with other Star Trek Fan Cubs Australia-wide.

Westrek has extensive membership, an even larger library and a long and interesting history. Its activities include film screenings, gaming, model-making, costuming and an occasional Star Trek convention, BabelCon.

Westrek meets at 8:00pm on the last Friday of every month (except December) at the Alma Venille Recreation Centre, 8th Avenue, Maylands. Write to PO Box xxx, Bentley, 6102 or phone Ray Raspa on xxx-xxxx for more information.

at this point on page 7, there is a small line drawn cartoon of a sweating human wearing a turtle neck with a couple of letters that could be interpreted to say ‘Star Trek’ and a speech bubble with “You don’t mean …. Scottie really isn’t Scottish?”

Network 23

Network 23 is the Visual SF Club of WA. Devoted to any Science Fiction with a visual emphasis, whether it be SF on film, TV, Books, Comics etc., the club’s aim is to be informal while still being topical and entertaining. Club meetings include panels, presentations, group discussions and lots of audience participation.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 1:00-5:00pm at the Subiaco Library Exhibition Room corner Rockeby and Bagot Rds, Subiaco. There is a small charge ($2.00) for entry.

For more information, phone Tim & Narrelle on xxx xxxx or Sue Ann on xxx xxxx, or write to NETWORK 23, PO Box xxx, GREENWOOD, W.A. 6024.


UniSFA is U.W.A’s Science Fiction Association. One of the oldest SF clubs still operating in the State (it celebrated 10 years in 1988), UniSFA offers, among other things, the largest club library in W.A.

UniSFA’s clubroom, situated on the Second Floor of the Guild Building at U.W.A’s Crawley Campus, is open every weekday from early until late. It provides a meeting place for discussion and occasionally debate, somewhere to eat one’s lunch away from the madding crowd, a relaxing game of cards or even somewhere to finish your assignment or catch up on a bit of reading (if the noise level drops a few megabels).

UniSFA holds a formal meeting every second Friday where films and books are reviewed, social events planned, jokes told, mayhem wreaked and the like.

Once a year the meeting is re-scheduled to somewhere further from civilisation than you are ever likely to want to go. This pilgrimage to the back-of-beyond is known as TerraCon, although it could be spelt differently. For three days and nights, UniSFANs and friends avoid sleep, good food and sobriety while simultaneously overdosing on Killer Games, RPGs, Videos, pseudo-sports and good conversation. This is generally considered a good idea and it’s even possible to get attendees to cough up around thirty dollars for the privilege.

UniSFA’s social life is quite active while keeping social diseases to a minimum (I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that). Parties, organised cinema treks, nightclubbing and a wide variety of social Gaming are principal attractions for the Exciting Young Fan. An annual membership of around 150 keeps the options quite open.

UniSFA is, in fact, open to everyone. It’s only necessary to be a member of the U.W.A Guild of Undergrads if you want to hold an Executive position on the committee. Annual Membership is $3.00 and everything else (besides TerraCon and the occasional club-funded party) is free. For more information, it’s best to come in personally one day during semester. Failing that, UniSFA can be contacted via the Uni Computer Club phone, which is right next door: xxx-xxxx. UniSFA’s President is Edmund Bosworth, but most members can understand spoken English, so it’s hard to go wrong.


The West Lodge is the Perth Doctor Who Club. No one seems to know a great deal about these elusive fen, but we understand they enjoy what they do… The Lodge meets 1-5pm at Collins Street Centre, South Perth. $2 admission includes afternoon tea. For more information phone Steve (xxx xxxx) or William (xxx xxxx).


Although “FM” was once an acronym, that is no longer the case. What it originally stood for is lost in the mists of time, so you can call it what you like (Ghod Knows, it couldn’t be any worse…).

In actual fact, the FMs are not so much a club but a monthly party. That way, “members” are guaranteed at least twelve meetings a year. The “floating party” concept is employed, albeit discontinuously, in FM organisation. This means that you can never be certain where one will next be held. Unless, of course, you’re In The Know, ie. you’ve read the club publication “The FM Epistle”. This tome-of-all-lore, a bi-monthly newsheet, is either posted to you directly (if you’re on the mailing list), or can be picked up from A Touch of Strange Bookshop, Network 23 meetings and various other gathering places of the wise.

The follies themselves occur on the second Saturday of each month at around 8:00pm. B.Y.O Grog and Nibbles. There is no charge.


Highly recommended by our Vice Coordinator, these monthly fits of indulgence entail showing up at the Cappuccino Bar on the Corner of Lake and James Sts, Northbridge on the first Thursday of the month at 8:00pm (note the similarity to the FMs) and eating enormous deserts of fruit, ice-cream, chocolate, nuts, whipped cream etc. until you burst or run out of money.

These food-feats provide an opportunity to talk fannish to your heart’s content whilst keeping your stomach and hands out of mischief. It’s really a lot of fun and well worth the effort to come along.


Providing a central location with pleasant views of U.W.A’s picturesque Crawly Campus, this mature and solidly built club boasts access to a comprehensive games library, possesses a wealth of expertise and is available for a mere $5.00 annually plus $0.50 per week.

Situated on the Second Floor of the Guild Building, accessible from the Oak Lawn via the newly constructed staircase, the club is open for inspection from 12:00 until 8:00pm every Sunday.

Besides the library, the canteen is an added attraction, selling food and drinks at near cost. The club runs tournaments several times a year (for which sponsorship is always good) and visitors are almost guaranteed of finding a game (or at least a good conversation about a game).

Interested parties are invited to the weekly inspections where organisers will gladly take your money. Hurry ‘though! At this price, it’s selling fast.


MARS is … fun people enjoying Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror … Alternative Genres … MARS promotes such things via any means of Human Communication … Literature, film, art and (of course) Role Playing Games … MARS has a huge games library, runs video nights, film showings, gaming session and it produces a fanzine!

MARS (Murdoch Alternative Reality Society) is perfect for Computer Phreaks, Cyberpunks, Hobbit Hippies, Gothic Vampires and other such wonderful people.
CONTACT: Anthony Anderson at the Murdoch Student Guild (xxx-xxxx) for more information.

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