SwanCon XV, Progress Report 2 — page 13

Page 13 of the SwanCon XV Progress Report 2 has ‘More of what it’s all about’ as the ‘running head’, and then the following:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This is of vast importance – it involves your inner (wo)man (person?). It involves feeding your face most delightfully. Of course, we mean the …

Swancon Banquet

The feasting and imbibing will commence at half past the hour of six in the evening in the fair city of Perth at the Miss Maud’s Restaurant in Pier Street on Sunday the 28th day of January in the year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety. Tickets are now available at a cost of $24.00 per head, which includes beer, wine and soft drinks, and the run of the justly famous Miss Maud’s Smorgasbörd.

Please contact any of the Committee members to acquire your ticket, or send in the enclosed booking form*. But do hurry, as seats are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Short Story Competition

Well. Here it is again. The ubiquitous Short Story Competition. You know the one. It’s that part of SwanCon where you slave for weeks over an ergonomically preposterous word processor or a manual typewriter (heaven forbid!) that would look at home in 1947, with the vain hope of a moment in the glorious sunlight of public recognition (of course the prizemoney has nothing to do with it). But really you know that you don’t stand a chance against that professional writer from Brisbane who wins every bloody time, and the only people who’ll even get to see your masterpieces are the pre-judging committee who’ll doubtless miss the point completely and toss it aside before the Guest of Honour you’ve idolised from infancy gets a chance to even glance at it! Well it’s not going to be like that this time! No way! This time everyone, no matter how appallingly trite, hackneyed, ungrammatical or simply boring it may be, yes EVERYTHNG will be published in a special book to be distributed with the Program Book for ALL TO READ!!!. Yes it’s absolutely true! And NOT ONLY THAT, but the best of those received by the first deadline (see below) will actually be published IN THE PROGRAM BOOK ITSELF!!! Oh My Ghod!!! What a chance at literary stardom. What an opportunity! The PROGRAM BOOK of SwanCon XV, no less! Could the NEBULA AWARD be far behind???

But before my head explodes (or I run out of fonts), perhaps some details?

PRIZES: First – $50. Second – $25. Third – $10.
CLOSING DATES: Eligibility for Program Book: January 5th, 1990.
Competition/short Story Book: January 19th 1990.
JUDGES: GOH, FGOH, Members of the Committee.

* Ed: We don’t actually appear to have the form. Presumably this means that some lucky person used it to book a ticket.

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