SwanCon XV Progress Report 2: page 12

page 12 of the SwanCon XV Progress Report 2 has the ‘running head’ of ‘Programming of Another Kind’, and two sections:


(A Preview of the Video Stream)
by Stephen Dedman
based on a story by Robin Pen

A brand new, never-seen-before-by-human-eyes, earth-shattering feature of SwanCon XV will be a formal, genuinely organised Video, Film and Radio Program (my Ghod can this be true?)!

A wide-ranging menagerie of ancient, fuzzy black-and-white spotty old TV shows pre-free-University-education, and state of the art high-tech really snazzy animation, with other things plummeting in between. Visual presentations of the Dark Future will abound among min-festivals of Gerry Anderson, Japanese animation, and a full-scale bombardment of 50’s alien invasion films. Films for an open mind, closed eyes and empty stomach will be screened occasionally to clear the room.

WATCH THIS CYBERSPACE for more details of the video program as they are finalised: some timeslots will be left empty until the last moment, in case of miracles.


SwanCon XV Wants You!(Ghod Knows, we’re probably the only ones). Seriously, though, there is a lot you-out-there can do to make the Con a better one and help the poor, overworked Committee into the bargain. Some of these things are listed below, but is you can think of anything else, let us know!

1. ARTWORK. We’re desperate for the stuff. We need a cover for the next Progress Report, a cover for the Program Book (and maybe one for the collected Short Story Competition entries) and internal/incidental art by the bucketful (Folio-full? Ream?). The artwork we’ve received so far is, I’m sure you’ll all agree, incredibly good, but we need a great deal more.

2. PANEL IDEAS. Essential to any Con, panels are often the most difficult thing to organise. If you have ideas for topics you’d like to see discussed, wish to sit on a panel or perhaps even organise one yourself (we’re happy to find you co-panelists if necessary), please write/ring/confront us!

3. VIDEO IDEAS. Robin is very creative, but he’d like to know what you would like to see. Please astonish us by suggesting something that even we haven’t dared to think of yet!

4. THE “HUCKSTERS’ ROOM”. This year, we thought we might open the Hucksters’ Room to more of the general Con-goers with a special rate for nonprofessionals (and we’d be very strict about that) who wish to sell or swap books, comics, art, craft etc. If you’ve any ideas on this subject, get them to us.

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