Swancon 16 – Progress Report 3 – Pages 3-6 – The Not-Quite-Final Programme

Transcribed and curated by Elaine Walker. Transcription attempts to be as accurate as possible.


We, the programmers, are still hoping for people to volunteer items, and for the few remaining blanks to be filled. More importantly, we are hoping for more panelists to volunteer for the timeslots that have been filled. We also need Day Managers, Video Room Managers, and Registration Desk Jockeys.

If you wish to volunteer for a panel or other event, please approach the person listed as Co-ordinator for that item. If no Co-ordinator is listed, volunteer to the Programmer (Stephen Dedman). If you’ve been assigned a timeslot that is patently impossible, speak to the Programmer.

There will be an open meeting for co-ordinators, panelists, and wannabe panelists a few weeks before SwanCon. If you’re listed here, please call me for details of the time and place on xxx xxxx; and please attend.

Also planned are a video programme (courtesy Robin Pen and Mike Studte), a Star Fleet Battles tournament and an antique Roman free-form (see p.?), and the inevitable Rail Baron tournament. Room parties, restaurant massacres, etc., will happen where and when they will.

(I have selected panels that caught my eye, rather than type the entire thing out–Ed.)


1930: The Vampire – Sex Symbol of the 90’s?
Why are vampires back in the best-seller lists? Just because black is in and suntans out?
Or are they AIDS personified?
Barbara Hambly, Stephen Dedman (Co-ordinator)

2230: The Role of Fantasy and Myth in History
A serious look at Arthurian Legend, Shakespeare’s plays, and other “inventive histories”.
Barbara Hambly, Chris Stronach (Co-ordinator)


1000: Good Books vs Thick Books, or “God, is that the Tome?”
Paul Stevens (Co-ordinator)

1100: Filthy Prose: Writing for Money
Technical writing, advertising, RPG scenario design… our panelists have been there, done that, and come back to tell you all.
Jean Weber, Scott Snow, Stephen Dedman (Co-ordinator)

1200: Why You Can’t Use a Halberd in a Dungeon, Part II
Annette Wilson (Co-ordinator)

1500: Mutilating the Dream: Censorship and Science Fiction (Fan Lounge)
Cindy Clarkson, Robin Pen (Co-ordinator), Stephen Dedman

1700: Playing in someone else’s universe
Barbara Hambly discusses the joys of writing her Star Trek and Beauty and the Beast novels


1030: Past Shock: Role-playing Modern characters in a Magical/Medieval World
Paul Stevens (Co-ordinator)

1430: Lone Star Stone interviews Barbara Hambly
Grant Stone (Co-ordinator)


0830: The Coming Crime Wave and the Future of Law Enforcement
Grek Turkich (Co-ordinator)

1330: Ritual and Magic in Literature
Barbara Hambly, Julia Bateman (Co-ordinator), Chris Stronach

1430: Pseudoscience Made Simple: the ‘science’ in Sf films and TV
Cindy Clarkson, Grant Stone, Robin Pen (Co-ordinator), Stephen Dedman

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