Swancon 14 – Progress report 3 – summary

Description and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

As with the second progress report for SwanCon 14, the third progress report is a 12 A4 page saddle stapled booklet. In addition, there are a number of inserts:

  • single sided yellow A4 page advertising the upcoming Quiz Night (Shenton Park Hotel, 8th February, starting 7.30pm, Tables of six, rose $4 per ticket, Tickets can be obtained c/o SWANCON 14 P O Box 318 Nedlands WA 6009)
  • double sided yellow A4 page being the 1989 Australian Science Fiction (DITMAR) awards nomination form (transcription to follow later)
  • double sided cream A4 page with the membership list (now at 170 names) on one side, and a repeat of ‘The Hotel’ and How to get to Swancon’ on the other. The bottom corner of the membership list has a somewhat squashed Department of the Arts (Government of Western Australia) logo with the associated text “This project is funded by the State Government through the Department of the Arts.”
  • two double sided cream A4 pages stapled together at the top, containing a short spiel by Grant Stone regarding nominations for the Ditmars, and then two lists of eligible works. (maybe one day we will put these up on the wiki. But maybe we won’t. We’re a bit like that. Ed.)

The booklet itself features front cover artwork by Jeremy Reston, of a space-suit wearing figure riding a rocking horse, with a silhouetted Perth skyline visible between the rockers and the belly of the horse. The space-suited figure has some kind of back pack belching murky smoke into the upper edges of the page. At the top, the text ‘SWANCON 14’, and at the lower right ‘PR 3’.

Internally, page 2 (inside front cover – it appears that the number scheme has changed since the last PR) has ‘Swancon 14; closer to the end, closer to the beginning’; pages 3-4 have ‘The Most Wanted List’ and ‘The Guests’; pages 5-6 have ‘Important Trivia’ and ‘The Urban Spaceman’ — all of these are likely to be transcribed at some point.

Pages 7 through 11 have details of the programme – this may or may not end up transcribed, depending on how bored (or motivated) we might get. The bottom two-thirds of page 11 has a rectangle with the words ‘And then the dead dog party’ in a large (but pixelated) Ye Olde English font, just to make sure that only people who have had enough sleep will be able to read it. And the back cover has ‘Generic booking form’, which allows people to book hotel rooms, book seats for the banquet, reserve a huckster’s table ($80 professional, $40 fan), submit a programme item, and/or becoming a member of Swancon.

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