Swancon 14 – Progress report 2 – summary

Descriptions and transcriptions by Anna Hepworth. As ever, typos faithfully replicated, and layouts and formats approximated only as much as can be done with trivial amounts of html.

The second official progress report for SwanCon 14 was a 12 A4 page booklet, saddle stapled. The front cover has a Lewis Morley pencil drawing of a somewhat bleak city scape with a floating space ship beaming down bipeds in either spacesuits or full body armour, carrying items suggestive of going to the beach for the day (bucket and trowel, fishing rod, umbrella) while a rodent featured mecha looks on. ‘Swancon 14’ is written across the top; ‘PR2’ at the bottom right.

Information on the inside front cover (p1) looks identical to that from PR1, and will not be replicated. Pages 2 through 4 have a sequence of small news articles which it is anticipated will be transcribed at some point. Page 5 talks of the Australian Science Fiction Awards (and may or may not ever be transcribed). Page 6 has a short discussion of the theme of the ‘con of Urban Spaceman; pages 7 and 8 detail ‘Fandom in Perth’ — both of these should be transcribed later. Pages 9 and 10 exactly replicate the information from PR1 on the Hotel, How to get to Swancon, and the Hotel Booking form.

The membership list on the back cover has gone up to 140 names. Many of the later names are ‘s’ memberships (still assumed to be ‘supporting’). As with PR1, there is a small piece of artwork to brighten up the page – in this case, a ‘spaceman’ with black faceplate, holding an umbrella – looking like they are drifting down the page.

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