Swancon 14 – Progress report 1 – inside front cover

Transcription by Anna Hepworth. The editors of ASFDAP would like to point out that the initial 3 progress reports and the ‘regular one- to two-page flyers’ mentioned below are items that we do not have in our archive, and if anyone has copies that they would be willing to scan (or lend to us to scan) we would be very grateful.

Swancon 14: About the Convention

Swancon 14 is the 28th annual Australian National Science Fiction Convention, which will be held at The King’s Ambassador Hotel, Perth over the Easter weekend of 1989. Registration opens at noon on Thursday 23 March, and the convention ends with the ‘Dead Dog’ Party on the night of Monday 27 March 1989.

Convention membership currently stands at $A 50.00 (attending) and $A 20.00 (supporting). The attending rate rises to $ A 60.00 as of August 1 1988.

This progress report contains information about our guests ( John Varley, Guest of Honour. Bob Shaw, Toastmaster and Paul J. Stevens, Fan Guest of Honour.), the hotel and many aspects of the convention itself. For more information, read on …

T.R.O.™ Progress Report 1 ….?

This is The Real Official Swancon 14 Progress Report, Number One, a fact which those of you who received PR’s 1, 2 and 3 previously may find somewhat confusing! Here’s the story…

Up to now, Swancon 14 has concentrated its promotion upon targeting other Australian conventions, producing small PRs to do so. With the advent of Conviction, our strategy changes. There will be four ‘major’ Progress Reports between now and Easter 1989, all of a similar size and format to this one. While the first will be generally distributed, the remaining three will be sent to members only. Swancon 14 will continue to publicise its existence to non-members using regular one- or two-page flyers.

Advertising is available for both the major PRs and the promotional flyers, the rates and publication schedule (for the PR’s) are listed below:

Major PR Flyers

Fan Pro Fan Pro
1/4 Page $5 $10 $5 $10
1/2 Page $10 $20
Full Page $15 $25

The Committee
Cindy Evans (Chairthingy). hing-Wing Chung (Financial Controller). Terry Chilvers (Secretary). Ian Nichols (Programming). Greg Turkich and Vanessa Leber (Hotel Liaison). Grant Stone (Awards). Gina Goddard and Elizabeth Bowyer (Publications). Daryl Colgan (Fund Raising). John Richards (Publicity).

Artistic Credits
Cover Art: Lewis Morley
Masquerade Cartoon: Annette Wilson
‘Antifan’: Cindy Evans from an original design by Paul Stevens.

Publication Deadline

PR2 October 1988 16 September 1988
PR3 New Year 1989 2 December 1988
PR4 March 1989 27 January 1989

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